Hermann Muthesius (1861-1927), the renowned architect and theoretician, was Kaiser Wilhelm II’s former cultural and technical attaché to the German Embassy in London and a central founder of the Deutsche Werkbund. He authored numerous books including Das englische Haus, which remains “without equal” today. Muthesius believed that “architecture is the Mother of the Arts”. Muthesius felt, if executed properly, an architectural work will speak “an eloquent language beyond the spirit of its time”. Although known mostly for his revered residential villas, Hermann Muthesius completely redesigned the commercial building, which had been originally built by C.S. Schwenke in 1867, from 1912 to 1913 for the famous fashion house Kersten and Tuteur. Muthesius sought to execute classicism built on “Sachlikeit” – simplicity and sincerity, insisting on universality and eternal standards, but without imitation. The Tuteur Haus building exudes handsome elegance and clear consciousness of form fulfilling functionality, comfort and health given its sensible configuration, natural layout, air and light. Its three large corner display windows were a design that had never been seen before. The restoration of Tuteur Haus preserves Muthesius’ leadership in architectural thought and the overall Community of the Arts.
Patzschke & Partner was founded in 1968 by twin brothers Jurgen and Rudiger Patzschke. While schooled in all types of architecture, the Patzschke firm focuses on traditional architecture for external structures with fully modern amenities to accommodate contemporary needs within the internal structure. The award winning Hotel Adlon is but one example of their splendid restoration work. Their respect for Muthesius and the classical details of the past coupled with their highly refined architectural skills, make the Patzschke firm the perfect architects to restore Tuteur Haus to its former glory.
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